About Us

Who We Are

Concept: CARE was founded on the premise that homecare, when done right, can result in better outcomes than institutionalized care.

With over 50 years’ experience in the health care arena, we are dedicated to providing the highest standard of excellence in the quality care we deliver. Recognized as a leading provider of home care, hospital private duty staffing, and rehabilitative services, Concept: CARE is positioned to provide what is needed to keep a loved one safe and cared for. Whether the need is for daily live-in, hourly, companion or residential care, our exemplary staff will provide dependable and reliable professionals to meet each individual’s needs.

Our Objectives

Focusing on the unique needs of each person we care for, Concept: CARE is committed to providing reliable, dependable and compassionate care. Our focus on mind, body and spirit makes us an industry leader in recognizing the individual needs of our clients. Providing care excellence, intervention and working with family and health care practitioners are the driving forces to attain our key objective – achieving optimal health for our clients.

Concept: CARE is owned and operated by Health Care professionals committed to your community.